Turnkey Technology has a full in-house tool room equipped with high quality German and Japanese CNC milling and EDM machines. We have highly qualified and experienced toolmakers that are ready to work with you on even the toughest projects with confidence and at a competitive price.

HoldMaking Large
  • Our in-house tool room allows for quick response to design changes;
  • Early part design feedback provided directly from the toolmakers help our customers stay efficient;
  • Our in-house injection moulding allows for quick and easy mould trials;
  • Extensive experience in complex mouldings allows us to tackle any project with confidence.

Experienced in multiple moulding technologies

  • Single shot moulding
  • High speed thin wall moulding
  • Insert moulding
  • 2 colors/material over moulding
  • Tight tolerance moulding
MoldMaking Small

Injection Moulds built to suit your project

MoldMaking Small

Prototype mould: 1-1,000 yearly volume

  • Low cost 3D printed mould inserts that can supply 25-100 pcs as quickly as 5 days
  • Machined aluminum moulds to supply 1,000+ pcs as quickly as 10 days

Low Volume and Bridge Tooling: 1,000-100,000pcs yearly volume

We specialize in economically built aluminum and steel moulds for low volume or bridge tooling. Some of our aluminum molds have produced over 1,000,000 pcs.

High Volume Injection Moulds: 100,000pcs + yearly volume

We can supply hybrid or full hardened steel and stainless production moulds for trouble free 24 hours manufacturing. We have experience in building all types of high production tooling with some of our moulds running with a cycles as fast as 5.1 seconds.

When needing expert advice on short cycle prototyping IGLOO turns to Turnkey. We often have to utilize specialized materials that are not easily to deal with for machining and often these jobs are short schedule. Alex and his team have consistently delivered on schedule and on budget no matter what we seem to throw their way.

Jason Clark
President, Design Lead
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