With our years of experience in CNC machining moulds and dies we have become experts of manufacturing complex geometry. We are well setup to supply high quality prototypes, jigs, fixtures and low volume production in any metals or plastics.

Our high precision and high speed milling machines can mill the finest details with cutters down to 0.005”. No shape is too complex for our high speed CNC EDM teamed with our 25,000rpm Graphite machining center.

Our customer can enjoy easy communication directly with our machinist, so they get exactly what they need the first time.

TUR001 CNC Machining Example1


I have been working with Turnkey Technology on the development and manufacture of technical injection molded components for over twenty years. In this time we have made many engineered parts, used in the most demanding applications for technical outdoor and mountaineering equipment, where the attention to detail in part design, mold design, molding, and tight process control of sophisticated engineering plastics has been crucial to the success of the products. Turnkey’s dedication and commitment to uncompromised quality and innovation in making refined and hard-to-make parts in reasonable volumes and at competitive prices has allowed us to push the boundaries of what is possible in our designs and the performance of our products.

Gordon Rose,
Senior Industrial Designer, Advanced R&D
Arc’teryx Equipment